Story of Kulak Ceramic porcelain


What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic you ask?

Well, Porcelain is made from a more refined clay and it is fired on a higher temperature. This is why it is more durable and dense compared to ceramic.

The journey of our porcelain products start with dry clay.

We mix it with water to create our liquid clay body to ensure it is durable.

Then we color the clay body with special pigments & stains to create our unique colors.

The colored liquid clay is poured into the slip casting molds.

Then the process of waiting starts.

Patience is an important virtue for ceramic artists.

After the clay is dried, we cut it and take it out of the cast to air dry on our shelves.

After at least a full day of drying, the items are carefully placed in the kiln to be fired bisque at 1825 F to be specific.

Next is glazing…

In the morning we take porcelain out of the kiln to wipe clean products, retouch and prepare products for the glaze session.

We use liquid glaze that is locally sourced and makes the products food safe and gives it that good shine.

After the glaze, once again we empty our kiln, put our brand stickers on and fire products one last time.

That process takes about another full day. Every Kulak Ceramic product is fired 3 times to ensure, durability and safety.

The moment we open the kiln again is a big surprise and once again we take everything out and clean our products to be displayed on our shop and photographed for our website.



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