Our Partners

We are proud of our collaborations with industry leaders, renowned chefs, and experts in tableware both locally and around the globe! Keep reading for a list of some of our past collaborations.

Product Care

Kulak Ceramics products are handmade porcelain and should be treated with care during use to ensure safety and long lasting.

Porcelain is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Sudden changes in temperature (eg. Freezer to oven /oven to cold surface) is likely to cause thermal shock, which can damage your products. Put cold items onto wire racking when you are placing them in a hot oven. Always place hot items on wood or cloth.

Make sure to use proper oven mitts to protect your hands when touching hot porcelain.

To avoid glaze scratches on handmade items, we recommend to store your porcelain in plate racks or with felt between each item.

Our items are handmade and hand-glazed. Differences in color or minor changes in shape or size might happen due to our small batch artisan production process. We consider them birthmarks of a one of a kind product. Please keep that in mind when you are reviewing your order.