Spotlight: Collaboration with Kaplankaya Anhinga Restaurant

Spotlight: Collaboration with Kaplankaya Anhinga Restaurant

We are always proud to collaborate with restaurants, chefs, interior designers, and more (check our our full list of customs and collaborations here). One such successful collaboration was our custom tableware created for the stunning Kaplankaya Six Senses' Anhinga Restaurant and Beach Bar located on the scenic oceanside of Turkey. 

As always, we handcrafted our lightweight and sturdy tableware from start to finish in our studio. 

We began by giving shape to the porcelain in our signature molds:

We then set the plates out to dry, allowing them to harden before firing them for the first time in our kiln:

Then came glazing--transforming the blank porcelain into plates with elegant, eye-catching designs:

Finally, the pieces were loaded into the kiln once more to be glaze-fired.

Once they emerged, our custom tableware was ready to be carefully packaged and shipped directly to Anhinga Beach Bar, where Chef Luca Pronzato loaded our plates with delicious food ready to be served and enjoyed!

For any inquiries regarding custom orders or collaborations, please email us at

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