What's new at Kulak Ceramic?

A beautiful morning in our new studio. It has been a busy time for us here in the City of Angels.

We are very excited to launch Kulak Ceramic in our new studio & retail space in the corner of Broadway & 14th Street, at the heart of Santa Monica City.

We have been unpacking/creating molds, working on samples, new color palette to create fresh designs and bring our unique vision to Los Angeles & the world. We had a few photo sessions, to come up with the best possible images for our web site. Kulak Ceramic LA Team is very excited to introduce customer favorite lightweight ceramic lines including bowls, plates & cups as well as creating new designs for you and world class chefs.

Our ceramics are baked in very high temperatures, 2350 F to be specific. Each piece is unique and one-of-a kind with glazed and unglazed finishes and different color options.

From fancy dinner parties to your daily snacking needs, Kulak Ceramic Team is very excited to enter your kitchen and life bringing artistic vision to daily use ceramics.

Our lead designer Zeynep Saracoglu, a woman of many talents, is excited to share her keen eye for design with the people of Los Angeles. Coming from a family heavily steeped in design, and honing her skills through her studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, and years of practical experience, she brings authenticity and character to all the pieces that come through her kiln.



ceramic table ware in the kiln waiting to be fired

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